How to build trust through social media


Social media has become an important tool for business in the last couple of years. Nowadays, many brands have the possibility to reach to their customers through the web as social media continues its progress. In order to engage customers, companies need to build a trusting relationship with their potential buyers. If they choose to use the Internet, the interaction between brands and their customers happens faster and directly.

Google is not the only dependable search engine anymore. Various websites such as Google +, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can now be used as search engines. Instead of searching the information on a conventional engine, costumers often prefer to learn different things about the products they would like to purchase from the social media channels.

In order to build trust through the Internet, brands have 6 ways at their disposal:

Communication: Many brands lose credibility because they are spamming their customers with different “chances” to buy something without providing its value. If the brand is interesting and convinces people to share it with others, that company can become a leader in their segment of enterprise.

Transparency: Executives and those who take decisions are frightened by this particular issue, but they have to keep in mind that transparency is a must have in order to run a successful company online. Nowadays, companies need to accept that in our world, everybody uses the Internet and people can discuss issues related to their products online.

Costumer communication: If you encourage potential buyers to reach out to your brand online, you have the chance to offer a great service in front of virtual spectators. If buyers are happy, they can do you a nice favor by providing you great testimonials.

Ensures accountability: When an audience is encouraged to interact with the brand via social media, it guarantees a certain level of liability.

Simple engagement: You can provide your online customers with different applications, contests or video footage in order to entertain them while they check out your social media page.

Social responsibility: If you build brand equity, a good way of establishing trust with your buyers is to let them understand that you care about others too, not only about yourself. For instance, Marriot is running a campaign that allows people know that for every check-in, the hotel will donate $2 to charity.

In conclusion, you can boost your brand through social media by following these simple six methods. In the end, you’ll manage to enjoy success and have a thriving company known internationally.


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