The brands and their implicit reality



We might have heard about the brands and their integrity, the brands are always known about their quality , prestige, credibility, accountability, public factors, internal factors and the lot of the other factors which derive the brands. The number of brands of the world are infinite but there are very few medium or we can more accurately say that measurement factors which derive a brand. The solutions to the brand problem is not so perpendicular to its comprehension ,every brand have enough insulation to deal with the smaller or a bit of bigger problems and they all have the self ability to conquer the drawbacks or the unethical things. The problem comes when there is no effort made to solve the kind of problems, the main thing is that we need to initially track the problem ,then find the problem and then at last run the solution explorer command to remove the problem.


The other things which are related to a brand is the reputation in the market, the customer attraction, the celebrity touch to the brand which is the most common one among the brand these days. The policy of the brand is to gain customers and acquire the market and rest of all they leave to the fate or luck which also sometimes plays a vital role in the business for a brand. Now let us talk about the celebrity touch of the brand and the consequences of that. There is a common statement that if you apply something then you will get the output otherwise there is a long way to go and in which direction you don’t know. The celebrities already have a direction and they indeed help the people having brand or the brand owners or managers to do something less and emphasize on the advertisement through celebrity that’s the reality.


The distribution of power among the brands has also influenced the quality and the integrity of the brand through various factors. Sometimes its effects helps a brand to improve and sometimes it degrades them to a more low level, due to the personal benefits they try to use the power and deploy them for any other purpose. Similarly it happens to the every consequent level and at last the conclusion falls in the loss of reputation of the brand and its dignity. There are few brands who believe in the discipline in the working procedure and they have the potential         to achieve any kind of the work and target endeavors. There are lot of other things which we deliberately ignore and view the quality of the brand only and rest of the things remain left behind.


The changing trends and mechanism of brands


The branding and terms of branding are not new and there are various kinds of new techniques and keywords are evolved every day in the field of branding. So we need to be updated if we are brand junkies and most probably if you are the owner of one of the brands of the world. There are people in the world who take care of the brands more than themselves and more than anything in this world, because they when the day will come they are going to be at the zenith of the work in which they are involved. The philosophy of a brand is how to get maximum customer depot and to reach at a good level in a short span of time. The brand owners always focus on how to get maximum user base for their brand, no matter what the input requires but the throughput should be explicit. The users define the brand in one way or another, larger is the number of users of the brand larger is its credibility and larger is its revenue. So the blueprint which we got form the above line is that the business to customer and he customer to business is strategy is pretty useful for the brand and its components. Make your brand effective, neat , straight in the business and get the customers of your choice and lead into the market, this will look something like unprofessional but it is really true.

The changes had made a lot of differences in the living and working of humans, that gradually have affected the brands and their mechanism of working and production. The production of the potential and the genuine brands(the company and brand are same) have seen such a huge change in the mechanism of working and promoting themselves throughout but the genuine nature has not been deprived from since the mechanism have changed. It is same and will remain the same until a need for change arises, the quality and the genuine nature of the brand defines a brand and it is the core part of the brand through which customer gets attracted and gets in touch with the brand. The customers are also of two types one who are the fans and are praisers of the brand and the others who use the quality and the products of the brand silently. The silent and the outrageous both are prestigious for the brand. But the trend have changed we may see variations among the usability of the brand products by the customers. If their seems to be any quality drawback in the brand product due to any reason then it is for sure that the customer will try or look for some other brand product without thinking for a second. So the brand needs to maintain its credibility and integrity by any means , the means could be the efforts and the technology used to maintain the brand and its scope in the market.

It doesn’t matter how the brand produce the products out of the workstation ,the thing which matters is the quality and the trust which it has maintained with its customers is maintained or not.

The Informal Techniques of the brand


There are various techniques of the brand, which may be irrespective of the brand type and the brand nature. Brand type and brand nature resembles the area or the specific domain of the brand to which it is empowered. For example the brand of a shoe, a brand of an institute offering various courses in almost every field. These brands may take the help of each other to grow in a prosperous way, you might have seen this happening, while you go the shoe store where you can see the sponsored banner or postures of the band of clothes, fashion and beauty etc. The concept is that these brand know that the brand has the power to increase the credibility of the brand through their advertisement and representation. In fact brands pay each other for doing this, this increases their publicity and the mutual tie up keep them updated of the market.

There are no rules of the brand, the only rule is to follow the simple brand etiquettes and don’t comply upon the quality and assurance the brand has made to the customers. The customer base is very important for the brand, if there are less customers then techniques, practices and other values do not give that much throughput which a brand expects from itself. The majority of the brand in the world believe in the customer base as well as the output in terms of revenue and credibility which is finally the last mile stone of the brand. If a brand has got the credibility which could not be destroyed or sent into vain by anonymous activity of the competent brand then we can come to a conclusion that the brand is doing well in the markets and is one of the leaders of its segment. Either it is the brand of the website or it is the brand of the Oil refinery both of them have their own features and accomplishments to remain in the race of the brand. The websites have the power to advertise themselves through internet itself, as we all know the internet has become the most important and the most common of the advertising mediums of the world. It is very easy to go through any brand, its features, its quality and the credibility. The domain and the areas in which it deals, everything is easily accessible through website. The other internet medium like social media has also become very powerful and the most informal getting too much formal used for the promotion of the brand.

There are other facts about the internet marketing of the brand but the social media has gained a lot of success in the last few years. Everything goes on internet like a flash or electricity. The people like to share their personal as well as the business information on social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin , google+ etc. The informal techniques has become so strong that even the formal practices are sparing themselves from the domination of the informal brands.

The linking of networks between the people and the brands


As we all know there is a strong relation between the customers and the brand, and that strong bond or relationship is not made very easily as it requires a lot of potential from the brand as well as a bulk of support from the customers side. The customer is highly responsible fro the ups and downs of the brand. There is a strong bonding between customers and brands through linking over the internet or we can say networks. The network between the customers and the brand owners should be very strong in order to maintain the relationship between the two and to maintain a good sign of collaboration for the future endeavors. The network could be any but now a days there is one network which is most famous and durable of all is the social media. Either it is facebook, or linked in or twitter all of these have a great impact over the branding and publicity. Things get lot of publicity over here, which is not possible through any other means , because these days one who uses internet ,he/she most probably uses facebook as a medium of sharing.


Though people share there personal as well as professional life over social media ,brands and the companies too share their things on social media to get more public, become more outrageous with public and media, to reach every possible class of people. The social media links the customer and the brand in a very spectacular way, it not only just introduces you to the brand but also leads you to see the distinct varieties to be offered by the brand in near future. The people find their friends ,colleagues,relatives on social media and now it is the trend to debate on current and going on topics,and they catch lot of user attention by different kind of promotional activities  on them. They use video adds, picture adds and these days most of the times we could see a celebrity from the world of movies or a sport star being promoting the brand and getting the tag line of brand ambassador of the brand. Therefore we get a point that brand owners spend explicit to get their brand on the top of the list and why not they are the future superpowers and present investors of the market.


The market and the strategy of the brand owners change according to the market condition and the market condition gradually changes without prior signals or any information. A company gets vanished due to a small reason turning into heavy loss of assets as well as revenue. The profit is the back bone of the brand to succeed ,and if it uses the advertisement to gain the public and corporate attraction then it is worth to use every tactics for the promotion of the brand.

The hidden brand masters


Every brand has a lot of history behind its success and it is sure that many people have sacrificed many things in order to get something bigger an better, that we call a brand. The brand creates the impacts on customers and which in result create the impact on the company or the brand. The brand is the collection of assets required to build a unique and authentic branding technique with the main aim to promote the brand and to make it acceptable all around the world. The prospects of the brand are the quality of the brand, the integrity of the brand ,the uniqueness it have inside it, the difference from others and various other relevant reasons which make a brand a complete package for its customers.


We have seen the success of the brand and also the decline of the brand. Our nature responses most as per any negative feedback or any negative cause rather than being positive, because we are not confident on anything in this world where betrayal has become a daily running machine for many of them. So let’s not get distracted from this because these things divert our mind, let’s come back to our topic which is the reality behind the brands or the success of the brands. We really take interest if any brand or company has fallen from its zenith to the bottom because of economic reasons and other personal reasons related to the brand. The success story readers are very few because every one waits for the top story to be completed rather than looking over the hands and manpower involved in making those things a reality. Many people lose their loves for some cause, Mahatma Gandhi -The great Indian Reformer and India’s prominent contributor in the Revolt for independence before 1947 lost his life after an year of Independence being shot at a function. I just want to say that there is lot of hard work done behind every success story and no doubt luck also counts for most of them. But some people have the caliber in themselves to turn the stone by making their luck better and securing their future by doing hard work and optimized work in their present.


The brand makes a person feel proud when he /she consumes its product or uses its services. This is even in both the customers as well as in the brand owners. The happiness of being accepted by the customers is vibrant and elegant for the brand owners. The challenges faced by them are now a milestone for others and they happily teach other how to tackle problems while chasing your dreams, and how to determine,grab and gain from the ultimate opportunities coming across an individual in his daily life. So to make yourself proud of your work one should be patient and hardworking because the main thing is to saturate yourself first and then everything operated and handled by you will get optimized well an will get established as per your dreams and desires.

The brand effection with the celebs


There are various reasons why would someone think of a brand or think to purchase the products of the brand. One of the few reasons of the brand addiction is the quality of the brand and the promise which a brand makes with the associated people. Some say that the brand effect is only with the rich people who can afford such kind of a brand which needs a  load of expense, but its not the reality the brand is made for every one and every one has the right to choose his or her brand. The brand becomes expensive because of its quality and the process and the manpower which it requires to become a brand. Sometimes we also become the reason to make a brand so expensive to get spared of the minds of a common people. The common man always think of something which is accessible through his pocket but most of the branding goes beyond it. The common people also becomes the reason for this inflation in brands that when a brand is launched or is being introduced nobody especially the middle class society take a look over the quality or features of that brand. The primary reason behind the success or failure of a brand is the love and affection which it gets from the people and what people expect from their brand. So if we think quite radically then we will become more clear to accept things rather than making a statement about that brand.


The process of making a brand involves lot of things , some are from the customers sit and some are from the companies site. Let’s get it right into our minds that whenever we compete for something new and special we get some extra energy that works like a catalyst in turning your dreams into the reality. The brand has the potential to attract the audience and that’s the reason a brand remains brand either its product or services is in the use or it is being ignored by the people. The brand has the caliber to make people roll in and roll out, the lament is removed by the brand if it wants it. The problem sometimes arises which a common person cannot determine, it is only determined by the policy makers and the brand owners. This sometimes become the genuine reason for getting the right people to advertise for the brand. Mostly we could see the celebrity doing the favors for the brand. The celebrities craze is very common among people and people who are fan of an individual celebrity then that person also becomes the fan of that brand and start using the products or service of the brand regularly. Hence this increases the credibility as well as it impacts social existence of the brand. The brands or companies which have turnovers in billions or more than it surely own a brand ambassador for their promotion.

Brand with the power of youth


The brand and the youth may not conceive a great one, but yet it has the lot of potential to build its own peremptory. In the mean time if we are unable to get what it is really? Let me brief it put in a different way for you. At present there are various movements and events going on in the world considering youth an important and eminent part of the change through that movement or the caliber and power of the movement. The youth represents the status of a country and its development statistics. Either the country is developed or it is under developing category the youth is the one who defines the status of the country ,the reason behind the impact of youth over any kind of thing is the energy and the freaky nature to achieve something which is impossible. The youth comprises of people from every field and every community. Thus out of all we make it to the point that the brand is the most important either impacted through anything in the world.


The first and the last thing is the brand and its associations. The brand becomes brand only by its members working for it and the people associated with the brand who are the followers and the real makers of a brand. The brand becomes brand only by the applause and the believe of the customers and the idea put behind the brand by its owners, managers or entrepreneurs. The class is that we make a brand and we get its as we have proposed or determined while implementing the building strategies of the brand. The building strategies are of certain standards and there are various techniques used and still few developed by the eminent organizations of the world. These organizations are the best in the their business and are pioneer in dealing with the fundamental of the strategy building for the brand and any other thing which needs a strategy. You might have heard about the word ERP(enterprise resource planning) ,this is a technology which comes as a complete package to the big and giant multinational and all other companies which deals in large amount of data per day. This provide an efficient and comprehensive way of optimizing the company data and the relationship with the users or the customers.


The youth brigade is used by every field in the world ,either it is the political party which uses the youth as a volunteer to get winning results for their party. The main aim of the brand is also the same as the political party , that they get maximum customer feedback, not just feedback it should be positive in almost every aspect of the brand(quality, credibility,value,integrity etc). The youth is the power of present and they are the makers of the tomorrow ,so the intellect people get the best of the youth by making them volunteer the brand and make people feel comfort with the brand and they may trust the brand too.

Softwares are the new brand of this century


The battle of the brands has been increasing fast and now a days we can see the softwares in the field of brands. The software companies ,their solutions, products and services are the new brands of the world which also attracts thousands of people and investors to use and to invest in this field. This is also the prominent reason why the software field has become the one of the most important and promising sector to look forward for getting maximum output. The output may resemble the profit from that company and the applause made by the customers or the users about the product quality. The software field is very prone to theft and other nefarious activities, inspite of the top level security embedded into the products and services of the company. There are various miscreants who can destroy the image as well as the integrity of a company or its brand. They can impersonate to be others and allow such things which you or your company must have prohibited.

The software companies are increasing like a traffic on a railway crossing or you can say that on a traffic signal where number of vehicles come and wait for the signal to get green and go to the same way. The purpose , the services are almost same ,the slightly difference persists only in the quality, Manpower, methodology, services and products. Though there is a tough competition among the companies and their entrepreneurs. There are various levels of these companies some belong to the higher level where the deal is ultimately big and big ventures are part of that company, some are medium and some are small as per the requirement and financial status. The demand of softwares has been increasing gradually and the users are also making a huge impact by demanding new and variations of product. The companies like Microsoft and Apple are making customers happy by the way they launch their products in the market and the way by which customers adopt those products and their quality. The quality which deserves the customer applause and appreciation because these brands are really known for their quality and services, and from a long period of time these brands are providing such a quality softwares which are unparalleled in the quality and their credibility.

The software field is comprised of lot of things and the basic motivation of these companies or brands is the maximum number of customer acquisition. Either it is the website or it is the desktop application every entrepreneur wants to hit the response list very soon after the launch of their product and service. The websites wants the maximum  number of hits or customers visited, the desktop applications require mostly the largest or biggest in terms of sales of their softwares or the download of their applications. The Applications are now a days have become so popular on Android Phones, Iphones , Windows Phones etc. These are also the core competitors of each other.

The Automobile Brands and their philosophy


The Automobile companies and the auto parts business is getting bigger and bigger as we are heading towards the use of best and  quality engineering services from all over the world. Automobiles are the combination of the best manpower and the machine output which combines and give the optimized auto mobile tool which we use for our ease. Then with the help of those tools the cars, bikes and other automobiles are used for our personal and business purpose. This article will not derive any formula related to the automobile company or explain you the mechanics behind the automobiles and its manufacturing. The primary focus  is on the brand manufacturing those automobiles. There are hundreds of famous brands in the world which are pioneer in manufacturing of automobiles. Few are listed among the topmost rated and famous brands of the world.

The automobile market has seen a lot of growth in recent times and still this market has lot of potential to challenge other sectors of the market. The brand is the only thing which could take a person from the bottom to the top. Either the person is the brand owner or co-partner of the brand or he/she is having a franchise of the brand in his locale. Now let’s  come again on the topic of automobiles. The automobile market has grown a lot in last few decades. In developed countries we have seen a growth of about more than 100% because of the increase in globalization and the use of machine power instead of manpower. Before the gradual increase in the use of automobiles people were not so much emphasized of the auto brands and their use. Cycles and other means of transport were also used ,but now if a single coupon of mobile phone is required from the nearest place by someone then most probably he/she would go through a car rather than walking to that place. This is the impact of the technology and the change in the nature of humans which has been the main reason for the maximum use of the automobiles.

There are various brands in the world like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ford ,Toyota,Honda, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki. These are the leader brands of the world and are mostly used and popular among the customers all over the world. Among those BMW, Audi etc belong to the Germans, Ford is from the U.S and Toyota and Hyundai are the Japanese company. But they are not restricted to the specific country or region , instead they are found in all over the world because of their quality and luxury. These were the companies which are leaders in  manufacturing of the car, but here are some examples of the brands which are producing motor bikes. Like Ducati, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, Honda, Hero, Bajaj, TVS etc. These are also pioneer in the manufacturing of the motor bikes all over the world.

When it comes to brand people choose their favorite either it is Automobile or any other genre of brand of the world.

The brand and the stock market


There are lot of people in the world who really depend upon the share market for their income and habitat. The stock market plays an important role for any company or a brand The number of companies listed into the stock market derives its credibility and transparency among the customers. Not every brand has a listing in the stock market, there are various big brands which are not listed in the stock market due to some specific reasons. To be considered as a part of a stock exchange a company should fulfill certain norms and regulations only after that a company is listed in the stock exchange. The primary condition to be considered in the market is the transparency every thing should be public from the side of the brand or a company. The revenue, the turnover should be made public and there are various other conditions satisfying those will make a company to get listed into the stock market.

The brand is a different thing from the company a brand may not be listed into the stock market but the company holding the brand or under which the brand is propelling is mostly considered into the stock market. The Google is the brand and its product is Android which is used as a brand name, but the Android is only for the people to get maximum applause because of its application and other awesome uses. The Google is the owner of the Android and is listed in the NASDAQ which is one of the world’s most renowned and trusted stock exchanges. There are various stock xchanges all around the world out of which few are very famous and and have a maximum number of listings like NASDAQ, BSE(Bombay stock exchange:It has largest number of listed companies in the world), NYSE (NewYork Stock Exchange), LSE(London Stock Exchange), DAX(Germany Stock Exchange), CAC( Stock Exchange of France), SSE( Shanghai Stock Exchange) ,NSE(National Stock Exchange,India). Similarly there are other stock exchanges in the world which are of great importance. In fact every nation has its own stock exchanges. Few companies are there in the world which are listed in more than one stock exchanges. The stock market sees very much up and downs all over the world. The people associated with it keep keen eyes on the chart of the prices of shares. The brand sometimes does plays an important role in selection of shares o we can say that buying of shares of the companies. Sometimes there is loss and sometimes there is gain, but if you select a golden brand which provide non seasonal services may help a lot in making money because the demand of those kind of brand(product and services) never decreases.

For example if you buy a share of Microsoft then there is a less chance of getting a loss but profit making with Microsoft share is a long term business as these shares are giant shares and do not move instantaneously. So wherever we are in the market brand does play an important role.